June 24, 2024 | HighField Bio Press Release

HighField Biopharmaceuticals’ mRNA-based HFG1 Demonstrates Potential as a Longer Acting GLP-1R Agonist for Diabetic Control and Weight Loss

Preclinical results in naturally occurred diabetic monkeys were presented at the American Diabetes Association 84th Scientific Sessions, June 21-24, 2024

HighField plans on filing a U.S. IND for HFG1 in Q3/2024

HANGZHOU, China–June 24, 2024–HighField Biopharmaceuticals, a clinical stage company using lipid-based therapeutics to treat cancer, diabetes and other diseases, said today naturally occurred diabetic monkeys experienced weight loss and HbA1c level reduction during an assessment period of two months following a single injection with HFG1. The data were presented at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 84th Scientific Sessions June 21-24, 2024, in Orlando, FL.

HFG1 is an mRNA-based GLP-1R agonist encoding a fusion protein of a GLP-1 analogue and a pH sensitive binder of human FcRn. The mRNA is loaded in proprietary lipid nanostructure particles (LNPs) designed for subcutaneous administration and local mRNA delivery. The proteins expressed are secreted and distributed into systemic circulation.

The abstract, titled “Preliminary study of efficacy and duration of an mRNA based GLP-1R agonist in diabetic monkeys,” is published on the website of the ADA’s journal Diabetes. HighField CEO and Scientific Founder Yuhong Xu, Ph.D., made the presentation of the full poster.

“We are very encouraged by the results and we are planning to file a US IND by third quarter of this year,” said Dr. Xu. “Our LNPs were developed with membrane stabilized structures. Unlike traditional LNPs for mRNA vaccination, they are more stable for storage and after injection. There was more sustained production of the transgene, enabling the GLP-1R agonist activity to be longer lasting for weeks and months. Consequently far fewer injections would be needed than existing GLP-1 products.”

The monkeys were closely monitored following HFG1 injections. The monkeys showed no serious adverse effects. They did, however, experience a reduced appetite for the first week following injection, after which their appetite returned to normal. Weight loss and A1C (HbA1c) reduction were significant.

About HighField Biopharmaceuticals

HighField is a clinical stage company focused on novel applications of liposome constructs directed to immuno-oncology and other disease treatments. The company also has a research and development center and a GMP-compliant production facility. HighField’s lead clinical development program is HFK16, a drug encapsulated immune modulating liposome. The company’s pipeline also includes an ADC platform comprised of drug encapsulated immunoliposomes for solid tumors as well as LNP therapeutics for gene delivery and gene therapy. For more information visit https://highfield.bio.


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