At HighField, lipids are an integral part of the therapeutic

We create targeted treatments that recognize the complexities of people and disease

Our lead clinical development programs target cancer. Cancer therapeutics require a multilayered approach. The tumor microenvironment (TME) plays a pivotal role in the behavior and development of solid tumors. As the tumor cells proliferate, they have diverse interactions with surrounding tissues. Our lipid-based therapeutics address the TME to stop tumor growth.

We are also developing lipid nanoparticles (LNP) containing RNA for gene therapy. LNPs containing mRNA encoding viral antigens have been widely used as vaccines. However our LNPs are different from those used for vaccines. Our approach focuses on LNPs that are stable and active to introduce mRNA and circular RNAs for protein production in the body. 

The Highfield Advantage

Our products are built upon our unique capability to optimize components of lipids for specific targets and mechanisms for treating diseases. Combined with our proprietary system that consistently produces high-quality lipid structures, HighField can produce therapeutics with maximum efficacy and safety. 

Lipid therapeutics to target and treat cancer

On one level, we design our lipids to maximize their inherent targeting properties towards rapidly growing tissue, like cancer tissue. On another level, we enhance the targeting by attaching antibodies to the lipids to form immunoliposomes.

Our immunoliposomes offer greater payload capacity and flexibility than other targeted therapeutics such as existing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). This allows for greater safety while also improving the therapeutic effect, resulting in a larger therapeutic window.

We are also creating even more advanced lipid systems to interact with multiple cell types of the tumor microenvironment in order to facilitate and sustain immunotherapy against cancer.

Lipid therapeutics for gene delivery and gene therapy

Gene-based therapeutics are considered the next generation of therapeutics in which lipids are an integral part. Our approach focuses on LNP/RNA structures that are stable and provide for long-term therapeutic effect.

We also optimize our lipid compositions, nanoparticle size, and structural features based on the mechanism of the gene products. Specific cell types may need to be targeted and specific gene products may need to stay inside the cell, be secreted or be incorporated into the cell membrane to be effective.

Our lead development programs include products for treating chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune diseases.