About HighField

About Highfield


HighField is developing next generation lipid-based structures that expose cancer to the immune system

Our mission is to develop drugs that significantly improve patient outcomes in a broad range of cancers. Our technology platform is based on lipid bilayers found in all the cells of our body. Lipids can self-assemble into fascinating structures and we have developed a process for designing these structures to target specific molecular elements of the tumor microenvironment. Our goal is to advance multiple strategies for navigating through the complexities of the human body, raise cancer’s veil, and expose the disease’s vulnerabilities.


The HighField Management Team

An enthusiastic and energetic team, well-positioned to deliver on the promise of immunoliposomes as a new approach to the treatment of cancer.

Yuhong Xu
Founder, CEO & CSO

Donald Wyatt
Chief Business Officer

From left: Yongchao Dai, Director of Business Management; Yan Xu, Head of Biologics Development; Samon Jin, Head of Research & Discovery; Yuhong Xu, CEO & CSO; Zhongming Luo, Sr Director Facilities; Filipe Huang, Head of Clinical Operations; Fengwei Xu, Head of Pharmaceutical Development; Lu Ye, Director of Quality Assurance.