At HighField, lipids are an integral part of the therapeutic

We create targeted treatments that recognize the complexities of people and cancer

A cancer therapeutic requires a multilayered approach. The tumor microenvironment (TME) plays a pivotal role in the behavior and development of solid tumors. As the tumor cells proliferate, they have diverse interactions with surrounding tissues. Our therapeutics address the TME to stop tumor growth.

Beating cancer with targeted lipid-based therapeutics

On one level, we design our lipids to maximize their inherent targeting properties towards rapidly growing tissue, like cancer tissue. On another level, we enhance the targeting by attaching antibodies to the lipids to form immunoliposomes.

Our immunoliposomes offer greater payload capacity and flexibility than standard target therapeutics like antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). The size and nature of the lipid assembly, targeting antibodies, drug payload and disease addressed are components driving the design of our therapeutics.

HighField has developed an iterative, continuous production process for lipid manufacture. This novel approach greatly improves quality and consistency.


The HighField Advantage

Our immuno-oncology platform is built upon our unique capability to optimize components of a lipid therapeutic system to specific disease tissue.  Combined with our proprietary system for producing lipid structures with very high quality and consistency, HighField can produce therapeutics with maximum efficacy and safety.