Our unique lipid structures take the fight directly to cancer, guiding immune system strikes and improving patient outcomes

We are addressing immunotherapy of complex disease through the important role of lipid assembly structures

Human cells are composed of lipid bilayers as their primary structure. HighField is addressing the immune response to complex disease through this role of lipids in the body. 

Lipids self-assemble into fascinating structures, and we design these structures to target different cells in complex disease biology. 

Our primary approach is to modify existing immune system cells as well as attack diseased tissue directly, all within the tumor microenvironment.  Our unique lipid structures allow for better patient outcomes using less toxic materials in a more economically viable system than current immunotherapies.

Our lead candidate infiltrates the tumor microenvironment to unlock the immune system’s natural anticancer properties

K16 represents one of several distinct approaches, each one using unique liposome structures targeting specific elements within the tumor microenvironment. Our technology is safer compared with the complexities of existing immuno-oncology approaches.